iPad Live TV streaming and using Video Out Cable

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    I Apologize in advance if this question has been asked somewhere else.

    My issue is this: Verizon fios has just allowed live TV streaming through their FIOS Mobile app (yea, I know every other cable provider has had it for some time now). It's a great feature that I have been waiting for some time now.

    However, I wanted to connect my iPad to my TV with the a standard 30 pin video/audio out cable while streaming live TV. I tried doing this and the app says it doesn't allow video out.

    Obviously, Verizon doesn't want you to use your ipad as a second cable box, but is there any cydia app which is a workaround which will allow me to use the video out while watching live TV streaming from the FIOS app?

    Thanks for any information on this or if anyone can point me in the right direction.
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    OK, after some googling I found what appears to be the closest solution in cydia which is an app called: UnrestrictPremum. Technically, it's suppose to unrestrict video mirroring using airplay or HDMI output.

    It appears to be what I was looking for but when I tried it for the FIOS app I got an error, so I'm assuming because live video streaming is fairly new to the fios app, they have to update the Unrestrictor to work with it.

    If there are any other known solutions out there, please don't hesitate to let me kinow.

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