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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Cagle, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. Cagle macrumors regular

    Feb 10, 2009
    Are there any cameras that connect to wifi and beam the live view to a mac? I need the ability to control and view what my camera is seeing, but the distance between me and the camera is too long for usb.

    What i'm seeing so far calls for connection to a laptop via usb or firewire.
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  3. Presha macrumors regular

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    Try (ononesoftware) I use it a lot to shoot remotely via wifi. There's an in the app in apple's app store. You can also get the full or stand alone version from there and look for the DLSR remote software.

    Hope this helps!
  4. Silverlink macrumors member

    Aug 10, 2010
    i've looked at that app, its cool but I went to their compatible cameras page and every dslr listed seemed to connect via usb or firewire to a pc on the same network as the iphone. so you use it completely wirelessly with your canon dslr?
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    Aug 26, 2009
    I would think your buffer would be full and or your Screen will shut down to cool off. I know on Nikons if you are shooting for a long periods the LCD screen will get hot, and the camera will limit your views.
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    Flash SWT

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    You're right, sports photographers have been using the firewire to laptop method for over 10 years now:

    If you're already shooting with a new Canon body you can get one of these:

    If you're shooting Nikon take a look here:

    However I don't think any of these give you a "live movie" view through the viewfinder but will allow you to review images taken in close to real time.

    Here are some other options for the viewing part of the equation:

  7. panoz7 macrumors 6502a


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    Would connecting a small netbook to the camera be feasible? You could then remotely control the netbook over wifi from a larger laptop. Otherwise I don't think there's any camera right now that supports live view over wifi. I may be wrong but I think the iphone apps rely on an intermediate computer connected via USB first (sort of like the netbook idea).

    Another idea, depending on how much control you need over camera functions, might be to just send the video out feed using a wireless transmitter. I'm not sure of the cost but I know that's how people shoot using RC helicopters. See this website: You'd have to find a way to remotely turn live view on and off and trip the shutter.

    EDIT: A little more research yielded this company which manufacturers downlink equipment for UAVs: Check out the slrview product. I think it was made before liveview was common, but it basically allows a downlink camera to look through the camera's viewfinder. That might be a good way to get a continuos feed without overheating the camera. You wouldn't be able to judge focus very well though I'd imagine -- mostly just good for composition.
  8. Silverlink macrumors member

    Aug 10, 2010
  9. Presha macrumors regular

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    You still connect your camera to a pc or laptop via mini USB to online server but, you also have to connect another device ( iPhone, iPod touch or iPad) via Bluetooth so that both devices are on the same server. When connetected, you can use your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad as a wireless remote to trigger your camera, adjust settinge and view pictures all live.

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