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Sep 19, 2022
Tennessee, United States
Is anyone finding using Live Voicemail to be cumbersome or pointless?

The feature itself is really cool and useful in theory, and combined with Silence Unknown Callers you basically have Pixel Call Screening, but my major pain point is how it works when the phone is locked.

Maybe this is a bug, or maybe I’m doing something wrong, so if I am please let know, but it appears as if your phone is locked and you get a call…you can’t unlock it to see the voicemail transcript until after the caller ends/hangs up?

I just got a call from an unknown number, which ended up being my pharmacy, and my phone was locked on the table. The incoming call screen interrupts Face ID’s ability to scan my face, and if I try to swipe up while live voicemail is active to unlock and see the transcript, it unlocks my phone but it also hangs up on the person who was calling.

Am I just doing something wrong? Is there a buried setting that lets me get around all this? Seems like kind of a poor design to not give me any way to unlock my phone to see the VM transcript while it’s being left. 90% of my calls happen when my phone’s not in use, so if the only way to see the transcript is to have my phone unlocked to begin with, then Live VM is pretty pointless.
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