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    The Oscars are a testament to all those who have made their mark in Show Biz - after all, there’s no other business like it! Thousands aim to make it big in Tinsel Town and become the Paparazzi’s Darling, but only a select few get to live their Show Biz Dream - walking the red carpet at the Oscars!

    With Dream Star, experience the life of an aspiring starlet as she makes a name for herself in Tinsel Town! You need to dress to impress, stay in shape and get that perfect look! Bag glam roles with your Agent’s guidance, hone your acting skills and top ‘The Runway’ leaderboards! Of course, it’s not just all work - kick back and relax at some of the most inviting holiday destinations around the world or just go partying! Dream Star has it all!

    So get Dream Star for your iPhone, iPad or Mac and Live your Show Biz Dream! Your journey to Stardom begins here!

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    There is something sad about appealing to the desperate need to be a "STAR", and what that says about folks feelings about themselves and their lives.

    I'm probably making too much of this, I realize it is only a game.

    But still...

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