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    Feb 10, 2004
    I sreached around and found a couple of Linux LiveCDs that have the Folding@Home client on them... This is great news for me, as it means i can get about 5 P3 machines that are sitting around work doing nothing becuase they have no HDDs up and running in my office (I have an office designed for 2 people, but I'm the only one in there, so I have lots space to build up a nice little farm).

    My question is if anyone has a recommendation for which LiveCD is 'best' (easiest to use, most stable, least overhead - more power for Folding)? I used to run the SETI@Home screensaver client on my PC, before I started using Macs, so awhile ago) and would like to start up again, but with the folding project this time. I will be able to have about half a dozen 24/7 machines going with a Live CD, ranging from P2-333 to P3-600, plus my home computer (mini 1.42) and work computer (P4-1.8ghz) giving what they can when not in use for their intended purposes.

    Anyways, any help getting these diskless machines up and running would be helpful... I'd like to have them all Folding for the MRs team by weeks end!
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    Alta, Norway
    For a LiveCD-only type of system I might go with SLAX. It's small (enough for a 8cm CD) distro based on Slackware. There's also a base version ("Frodo Edition") that contain little more than the console shell and drivers, and another special version ("KillBill Edition") that comes with WINE (for running the Windows F@H client).

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