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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Lyons00, Mar 12, 2013.

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    On my iPhone 5 i OS 6.1.2, I have over 1000 texts in a conversation with someone in Messages. I want to look at some old texts I've sent to and review from this person; please someone tell me how I load old messages more quickly than using the 'Load Earlier Messages' button!? It's incredibly slow and then it freezes, so I can never get to the beginning of the message that I want to read.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks, Jerry
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    Sorry, works fine for me, texts from my GF go back to when I got the first iPhone, though I've never tried looking more than a couple months or so of past messages.
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    Can't find any tweaks that can make this available, but you can try out a program called iExplorer that can review all text messages on the device on a computer. You can also narrow it down to pictures that were sent in the text as well.

    After the trial version has ended, you will be able to use the program still, but won't be able to copy the messages to your computer or anything. You would only able to view them.
  4. h4lp m3, Jul 26, 2013
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    How to make the "load earlier messages" feature load ALL.

    my gf and I are text-a-holics and I have to hit the "load earlier messages" button like 10 times just to get to yesterday's texts. I'm trying to find some pictures from last year and at this rate, I'll be here FOR DAYS!!!1 :p:eek::)

    Any way I can make it show ALL MESSAGES or maybe a 3rd party download in the App Store? :confused:

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