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Mar 24, 2010
Any place but here or there....
Hi everyone,

Can I load Sierra onto a newer Mac running Mojave or Catalina? (The later being hypothetical).

If I stick with Macs, I need Sierra to run on the new machine.

Do I use a virtual machine? Partition or something else?

And are there clear instructions somewhere?

I’ve never used VMs or partitions.

Thanks a lot.

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May 26, 2016
Don’t think this is possible. The last version you can install is the version the Mac originally came with AFAIK.


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Nov 20, 2019
Yes, you can... but you cannot update it or install apps from Mac App Store, because... (see answer but you can! I mean you can't install any app from Mac App Store. It will inform you are using wrong macOS version for you Mac. I also tried this trick with MacBook Air 2017. It comes with High Sierra on board. I installed Sierra. I did it, but cannot update it or install iWork apps from Mac App Store. So, theoretically you can, but it useless...
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