Loading Music without a Mac/PC


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Dec 13, 2010
Denver, CO
So my mom is considering going iPad only. She's got a Toshiba laptop that's getting pretty long in the tooth. I've convinced her to upgrade, but she's trying to decide whether to get a MacBook or go iPad only. She's the ultimate candidate for doing so as she already does everything on her 5S (she'll be upgrading that in the fall).

The only hangup that I can see for her, that she hasn't really thought about yet, is how she would load music onto an iPad. She doesn't have that much, less than 10GB for sure. Of course, when she first gets the iPad she'll be able to load from the laptop, but she'll want to sell that. So what happens when she does, and then needs to reload her music for some reason?

I'll of course make a backup of her iTunes library, but she won't have a machine running iTunes to load from. I can bring my own laptop and load it that way, but I live an hour away so that's not the best solution. The best that I have been able to find is iTunes Match, which seems reasonable, and is probably the way I'll go. But does anyone have any other ideas? Will iOS 11 allow dragging audio files from the Files app into the music app to add them to the library?


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May 16, 2015
Any cloud storage could do the job decently. However, without iTunes, there is no way you can load music into stock music app other than Opt in Apple Music or iTunes Match.

You can use a third party music player to do so though, such as VLC or nPlayer.