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    I apologize for sounding incredibly stupid here I have no idea what the name of what I'm trying to do is, I do understand networks and computers better than this post makes it seem.

    At my school we have a feature where certain addresses would redirect to a specific web page on campus. So for example typing "library" would bring you to my schools library website. I would like to do something like this at my house for things like my DVR. I would like to be able to simply type "dvr" into my address bar and be brought to my dvr web interface. Does anyone have experience doing this and could they please give me some (just the actual name of this process would be nice) information that would help me figure out what I need to do.

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    Apr 11, 2008
    Hi, local DNS is probably what your school was using. It can be setup easily if you have a router with DD-WRT or OpenWRT, and some higher grade off the shelf routers may include the option. If you want to do this and avoid putting DD-WRT or OpenWRT on a router yourself for the first time (which can be a little unnerving if you are not fairly techy). Netgear and Buffalo both sell routers that have the DD-WRT loaded from the factory but only on certain models specifically labeled. Lastly, this could be done in a little more dirty way but would still work fine, you could edit your host file manually, but this would need to be done on each computer or device and would only work locally unless you additionally had a static IP or a DDNS service to help maintain connection from abroad (not sure if this is an issue from your post, but many users are wanting to access their systems and information remotely these days).

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