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    Feb 11, 2007
    I figured this would be the place to go for MAMP-minded Mac users. Basically, I've been a Mac user for ages, but I'm having a very tough time getting it to meet my development needs. The specific need is for a reliable, configurable local MAMP stack that behaves like most other *AMP servers.

    Here's what I've tried:
    1. OSX-bundled Apache and PHP, installed MySQL binary
    2. MacPorts-based server
    3. Completely from source, from scratch
    4. MAMP (as in the software package)

    None of them work right, which is a far cry from how easy a good development LAMP stack can be set up on a Debian box. And the kicker is that there's not much turning back once you go the MacPorts or the compile-from-source (manually) route, and I've had the most success when doing the initial server install over a clean Leopard install. Note that these woes go back to Tiger, which I was using when I began doing *AMP development in earnest.

    • I never was able to get a stack based on the bundled Apache and MySQL to work well, mainly because at the time I had trouble getting PHP to talk to MySQL.
    • The MacPorts server was probably the best of the bunch, but it builds a ton of duplicate dependencies and I couldn't get mod_python working with it. Also borked /usr/bin/env in certain ways...
    • Completely from scratch: I learned quite a bit, but the thing barely worked. On a good day, the databases (PGSQL and MySQL) would talk to Apache, but it was generally unreliable.
    • MAMP has actually been good thus far, until recently when the Drupal CCK module started crashing any site that included it in 5.x. As I only recently started using MAMP.app, I feel that this is probably the tip of the iceburg, and it does make Drupal development near-impossible on my Mac.

    Does anyone here use a MAMP development stack built on Leopard? I mostly do PHP and a bit of Python, and I always end up using MySQL for the database side of things. Any specific advice?

    I've gotten discouraged, as I've put quite a bit of time into getting a normal MAMP stack running, and still haven't come up with one as "normal" and reliable as the XAMPP stack I setup on my office Windows box that took fifteen minutes (and I'm practically lost when using Windows).

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