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    Hey guys,

    So I JB'd my phone last night and I've re-fallen in love with my iphone. However, I'm having trouble with one thing and it's bothering the heck out of me. I downloaded a great theme (Jamietran's - Black UPS Darkness HD), mad slick. I also downloaded biteSMS but I can't stand the stock icon for it. I know there are a few icon replacements available via winterboard but I'd like to replace the stock biteSMS icon with the SMS icon that comes with Jamietran's theme. I'm familiar with Cyberduck and have openssh installed on my iphone but just need a little assistance figuring this out.

    This is where I'm currently at...

    I assumed that I'd track down the SMS icon for Jamietran's theme first so I went to /var/stash/themes/BLACK UPS Darkness HD Theme. I found the bundles directory and once there I drilled for com.apple.MobileSMS which I found. There are four files: icon@2x.png, Messages_alt.png, Messages_alt2.png, and Messages_alt3.png. Not sure if the latter 3 will do me any good with this task. So, would it simply be a matter of taking that icon@2x.png file and swapping it with the icon@2x.png file in the /var/stash/Applications/biteSMS folder?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    there are 2 possible places its either in


    or most likely

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    Hey guys,

    So for those of you with the Darkness HD theme (or any theme for that matter), here is how you replace biteSMS pink icon with the Darkness HD theme icon (or whatever theme you're running).

    1. create your icon. dimensions should be 120x120 and save the icon as 'icon@2x.png'

    1. In iFile, go to /var/stash/Themes.xxxx

    2. Click 'Black UPS darkness HD.theme' (or your theme name)

    3. go to Bundles folder (every theme file will have a bundles folder)

    4. create a folder within Bundles folder called 'com.bitesms' (NOTE: your theme may already have a bundles folder for bitesms)

    5. in that folder you want to place a 120x120 png file named 'icon@2x.png'

    6. respring and you should have your custom icon in place of the stock bitesms icon.


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