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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by orangemacapple, Aug 8, 2010.

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    There ought 2 B a location app somewhere 2 meet my needs. Pls point me on the right direction if there is.
    I'd like an app that would notify me when i get within a set distance of, say Home Depot, and tell me to pick up furnace filters: Things that i dont want 2 make a special trip for but would like 2 remember when i'm in the area.
    If i make a ToDo list, i always 4get about it. It would save me a lot of gas and time.
    I don't like having 2 make special trips 2 do things, and it would B nice 2 have a reminder when i'm in a certain area.
    Calendars simply do not work 4 me. Either that, or a better Memory Pill!
    It needs 2 B an app that does NOT incorporate every multitasking add-on feature into it: just a simple Stand-Alone POI notifier that uses the regular maps app.

    i'm always saying, "I wish i'd remembered that - i was just near there today!"

    If there is NOT an app out there 2 do this, PLEASE, SOMEBODY WRITE ONE!
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    Aug 9, 2010
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    errand alert - free

    errand alert - free
    Or errand alert
    Set a to do or list and it alarms when you get within a radius of the location you select
    Free version allows one alert at I think 5 miles. Paid version let's you change radius down to 1/2 mile I think
    Check it out

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