Location-based alerts: Geofence always ON

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    Jul 21, 2016
    Dear community,

    During the last week, i have noticed that the geofencing icon, next to the battery is being constantly ON. I've checked the settings in Location System Services, found that the geofencing is activated by the "Location-based alerts". If i switch it off, seems to solve the problem.

    On the other hand, as sometimes i use reminders with location based alerts, it would be good to keep the switch on. Do you know which apps are using the specific switch? Seems that by resetting location & privacy settings doesn't do the trick... Or any other information to troubleshoot?



    PS. As far as I can see, no reminder is active or completed, with location alert. Same seems for the calendar. I have switced off all location services from each individual app, the geofencing icon remains.....

    PS2: The issue regards the iPhone 6S with iOS 9.3.2 and today updated to 9.3.3
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    Jan 2, 2002
    Some apps will track you even when they are not active or in the background.
    Turn off Location "Services" except when you actually really need it.

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