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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by LiveForever, Oct 29, 2008.

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    Ahhh. I have just had my phone bill in and I have been using too much data so incuring the high costs of the extra MB's.

    I use 3G at work as I don't want to use wifi there (its an IT dept policy ) so to stop it automatically connecting me to the work wifi I disable wifi to use 3G (even though it shows the wifi icon up it doesn't do anything as it needs a login screen)

    When I get home I have to remember to turn on wifi again to use 3G.

    trouble is I keep forgetting and so burn up 3G thinking I'm on wifi so I use youtube now google earth thinking I can use the data hungry apps without risk.

    Why can't they have a location based settings option?

    So you instruct it to use the setting based on your location (or in a 1km radius or something)

    This would be very useful and save me a fortune.
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    If battery life isn't a problem for you, leave Wifi on all the time and tell it to join networks automatically. Once you get home, it will join the Wifi Network.

    At work, train the iPhone to ignore that network. See here:


    Look for the section titled Make iPhone forget a network, so iPhone doesn't join it automatically.
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