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    Hi everyone,

    I today finally replaced the light bulbs at my bedroom with some 'smart' ones that - thanks to a special hub - work with HomeKit as well. I know it allows for devices to do something based on whether you left your wifi netwerk or actually just entered it, if you have an Apple TV to act as a hub (which I have). But... for some reason the location based options for this are grayed out.

    To make it even more weird: my Apple TV says it's connected to my room, and I tried turning the Home option under location services > system services off and then back on. And Home under Location Services is set as 'When in use'.

    So basically it should just work, yet it doesn't. Does anyone have an idea what solution I could try?
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    Oct 18, 2011
    To be clear, you're using the "Automation" tab on the Home app on the iPhone to create a rule, and when you click the "+" to start a new rule, the top two options (People Arrive, People Leave") are disabled?

    If so, check that you have Location enabled on your Apple TV because it needs to know where it is, in relation to where you are, for location-based rules to work.

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