Location services permanently on?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by richwoodrocket, Apr 11, 2016.

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    I was just thinking, I have received amber alerts on my iPhone even though I always have location services off. I occasionally use location services, but I only turn it on for a few minutes at a time if an app needs it. Its too much of a battery hog to have it on all the time. I'm glad theres an option to turn off amber alerts too, because I turned them off as well.
    So it seems that location services can't actually be turned off...
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    amber alerts are mandatory alerts sent from your cell phone carrier. enabling or disabling location services will not prevent these.

    the other thing is that no matter if you turn off location services, you can still force it back on by putting the iPhone in lost mode in find my iPhone.

    i used to rant about this topic. turn off location services if you want , but never turn off find my iPhone.
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    personally because of all the AGPS technologies that the iPhone has , you're not really saving battery by keeping it off

    i was debating the other day, wondering if ' frequent locations ' has wifi network information in it.

    i remember something about china saying because of wifi networks and 'frequent locations' , they thought apple was spying

    wifi networking is a common agps cheat. so i was debating maybe if you enable ' frequent locations ' and leave it on for a while. it saves power, because your iPhone doesnt have to keep sending wifi mac addresses to apple / skyhook to get your gps coordinates .. this saves power because a wifi scan is used as a guess.. while the real gps chip is still working to get your location,.
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    apple blogs used to tell you to turn off find my iPhone to save power. and i was really upset about it, because if you leave find my iPhone on, you use that to turn on location services remotely

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