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    Aug 24, 2013
    Hello all,

    After 4 years on Android I have made the Jump to iOS and loving it so far. Only regret at the moment is not doing it sooner!

    I only have fm iphone switched on to get my handsets location if needed. I purposely turn off ALL others to ensure battery is saved but my question is... Could I switch on all and notice no drain at all?

    Is it correct that location services are only used when I manually tell an app to use my location or does it poll this in the background?

    Go easy on me it's my first post here!
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    Having all location services turned on will drain your battery faster. Even though you may not tell an app to use a location. At least I believe so.
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    In a perfect world each app that uses Location Services would make it's request and then stop. Technically, this is what's supposed to happen. It can indeed happen in the background which means a draw on resources which drains battery.

    Sometimes apps for whatever reason don't release. I had an app this morning that was insistent on using Location Services and not letting go. It may have been because I was in a poor signal area, maybe not, but I turned off it's switch in Settings and that was the end of it.

    You can pick and choose which one's are most important to you and just leave those on. The rest you can leave off and turn on only when you need/want. Ultimately you'll want to manage that because as you suggest, when you get a lot of apps asking at once it can drain battery.

    As an example, I am a weather app freak. I've got a hundred and one weather/clock apps downloaded to my device. But I use maybe one or two. Yet, almost all of them want to use location services. Except for the one or two I use I have them shut off in Location Services via their toggles. I don't need 101 weather/clock apps all wanting my GPS data at once!

    Now that's an exaggeration, but it proves the point I think.
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    For the most part, you can keep an eye on the location services arrow that appears in the status bar on the right side (generally). If you see it there, then something is using location services (and usually some more battery power with it), if it's not there, then location services aren't being used (and battery power isn't being consumed by location services).
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    Aug 31, 2011
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    I find too that you can also tell when Location Services is being used by how cool your device is (or not) when you pick it up. If my device is warm when I pick it up, I expect to see the Location Services icon in the status bar when I turn the screen on.
  6. Neebee macrumors 6502a

    I do a reset of location (Privacy) every few days to a week. It gives me an idea which app wants to grant access in the background. I also limit the iPhone native apps on what it can access. I only have cell phone tower, time zone, and traffic enabled. Then, as the situation warrants, I enable location services when prompted.

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