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Discussion in 'macOS' started by arjen92, Aug 15, 2010.

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    Someone I know just got a macbook pro. But she wants her mail to be locked (so you can't just open it). Cause she just works on her macbook and after she's done she closes the lid/screen. So she doesn't log out. She doesn't care about wether someone is on her mac, but she doesn't want anyone looking through her mail. (her children)

    So I searched for locking programs, and it appears you can lock your program by clicking with your right mouse on a program, than "get info". But the "locked" option is greyed out, even when I unlock the lock in the lower right.

    I tried to do it with a picture, which now has a lock, but that's all, no password required to open it.

    So is there an option to lock your mail app, or the emails inside it?
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    You could make a password protected / encrypted Disk Image via Disk Utility and move Mail in there.

    Or you could create another account for guests and enable Fast User Switching and also enable to ask for a password immediately after awakening from Sleep or the screen saver, which could give that other use the option to login as another user, thus the emails would be safe.
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    Delete the saved password from the account and make sure all the e-mails are stored on the server (assuming it's an IMAP account).

    Be sure to tell your friend that she's being kind of dense while you're at it. Just make a guest account. Not that hard.
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    Hi !

    I believe there is a software called espionage that can lock folders as applications equally well.

    You just drag the app into the espionage window and it'll ask you to put a password, when you next launch that app - you have to put a password !

    Trust that helps.

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    Just add a password to her account, set require password when waking from sleep or after screensaver has activated, and enable the Guest account.
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    Yes, thank you very much, this is exact the answer I needed.

    The rest, thank you as well, but this answer has (I believe) the fewest hassle and is exactly what she wanted.

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