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    Jul 27, 2013

    Lock Photo Pro is for keeping your secret photos private.

    There are plenty of them in the market, this one aims to support large photos of up to 200MegaPixels without crashing the app.

    Take some time to try it out if you need a photo privacy app.


    Anyone who have your phone can browse any photos you have including those you want to keep private. With Lock Photo Pro, you can import your photos into this password protected photo manager which requires another login before browsing any of your private photos.

    ◦ Passcode of any length for extra security
    ◦ Import photos from iOS photo library
    ◦ Import photos using WiFi & web browser
    ◦ Organize photos as albums
    ~ ◦ Create, Rename & Delete albums
    ~ ◦ Reorder albums
    ◦ Build in photo browser & organizer
    ~ ◦ Supports extra large photos (upto two hundred megapixels)
    ~ ◦ View album image as thumbnail
    ~ ◦ View full image
    ~ ◦ Reorder photos
    ~ ◦ Move photos to other album

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    Jul 27, 2013

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