Lock screen shows number not name

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MrMister111, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. MrMister111 macrumors 68020

    Jan 28, 2009
    Have a few iPhone's with latest iOS on, iPhone 5C and an iPhone 7. When a message comes through, including iMeassge, on the lock screen notification it shows the number as example, as in UK, +44 078********* this is for people in address book and registered etc.

    Open iPhone and then in message app list, it says person name rather than displaying the number.

    Tried the normal on/off cycle, switching iMessage on/off, all updates on. Annoying....
  2. JohnApples macrumors 65816

    Mar 7, 2014
    This happens to me every once in a great while, but it always seems to resolve itself. I've heard that hard resetting, turning dial-assist off, and resetting network settings can help fix it.

    If those don't work, some other *possible* solutions: (Disclaimer: I haven't tried these- just simply pulled them from various Apple support threads. Attempt at your own risk)

    1. Go to Settings > iCloud
    2. Turn off "Contacts"
    3. Delete synced contacts
    4. Turn the 'Contacts' setting under iCloud back on

    1. Go to Settings > Messages
    2. Scroll down to SMS/MMS and uncheck MMS messaging
    3. Restart iPhone
    4. Go back and MMS messaging and turn it back on.

    Good luck, and let us know if you get it working again!

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