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    Feb 26, 2011
    iLifeTouch just finished building Lock Your screen. (Submitting today)

    45 days of misery. We are actually so happy this is over. We never had any idea how much work building this creature was going to be. Every single part of the build opened up new issues. New pathways that needed to be clogged, new bugs that came out of nowhere etc. (We estimated 2 developers for 2 weeks) (Reality 3 developers for 45 days + support staff)

    This Mac App has absolutely everything from slideshows, time, weather, snapping intruders images, incredibly secure, password protected, multiple lock options, the only thing missing is a bottle opener. The user interface is super easy to use. All the noise and fuss is disguised behind a simple user interface.

    We have one last major hurdle. Getting this app past Apple's review process. Apps that Lock a users device bring out the senior reviewers that need to take a magnifying glass to such a build. The entire app was written in native code making the review process a lot easier.

    If we don't get it right the first time the review process could take weeks. (months) This is our best build to date and hopefully it ultimately will sell well and users will get real value while using Lock Your Screen.

    Sometimes it is good to describe the process to users that don't build apps. Endless hours, misery and frustration go into building these types of apps. Really nothing is Black & White some of the solutions we use to solve issues have to be pulled out of thin air.

    The upside is seeing these creatures hitting the store ...... amazing feeling!

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    it seems liek a great idea. I would request images or something as i do want to see the design, but im assuming that since it's under review right now, and it wouldn't be a smart thing to do.

    But i can't wait to check it out :D I would love to be a part of the testing out team.

    Hope you pass!
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    Feb 26, 2011
    One screenshot.

    We have five locking mechanisms here is one you would expect to see.

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