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    I was locked out of my business (Psychologist in private practice) e-mail account on 3/21/2012 after too many unsuccessful attempts at putting in my password (this is the first time in 5 years this has occurred). I am only able to meet 1 of 2 of the required verification criteria, and the other 3 are not available to me because

    1. I have no credit card on file

    2. Cannot access the account to get the pin number,

    3. The security question (Norton) is actually the answer to What is your mother’s maiden name? I believe something has gone wrong in the system that switched the answer to the question. I have never in my life made up my own security question.

    I accept at this point I will never regain access to this account, but Apple is also telling me there is no way to kill/disable this email address so people sending me emails will get a bounce back or notice of some sort. Any suggestions on how to get this resolved.

    The business account was originally part of my .mac account family pack which then changed to Mobileme and then eventually transformed to icloud. When originally set up I managed the account through the Master / Administrator account, which I continued to do until the move to icloud on 7/2/2012. I was not aware of the security requirement changes going from a mobileme family pac to individual accounts. I have gone through all of my e-mail from beginning to end with Apple since the inception of my .Mac account and find no e-mails instructing me that I needed to add another e-mail to my account or add a credit card to the account or needed to update my security questions.

    For a small business owner such as myself this is a huge issue - in this day and time it is equivalent to having your business phone shut off – but in some ways even worse as if my phone was shut off callers would get the message that the phone had been disconnected or if it simply rang and rang they would realize something is not right because businesses such as mine would at the very least have a voice mail or message. In this case, my patients, referral sources colleagues are sending e-mails and have no way to know that I am not receiving them so are left with the impression that I simply did not respond. Some who know me might think it is odd and explore other methods of contacting me and I can send out mass e-mails making them aware of the change of e-mail address. Patients are likely to personalize and think that I don’t care or they are not important (I’m a psychologist), new patients and referrals will be left with the impression I don’t respond to e-mails and word of mouth such as this could be very damaging to my professional reputation. I can contact colleagues whom I know and patients who have e-mailed me in the past – but we all know how hard and arduous it is to get your e-mail changed in data bases – which is why I still maintain my old AOL accounts as I still find even 5 years later that e-mails go to those (personal and professional) e-mail addressed even after frequent reminders of the change. In addition to patients and colleagues known to me – I serve in the role as the primary contact for a number of local and multi-state organizations, and run a number of professional study groups and thus I frequently get e-mails from individuals who I do not know wanting to become involved in these organization. I have been in practice over 20 years and my business card is given to every patient, every time I see him or her with their return appointment as well as to hundreds of colleagues. Again, the loss of this e-mail address will likely have long lasting and far-reaching consequences to my business and my professional reputation.

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    I do not know how to get this resolved for you. Frankly, I'd be calling Apple until I got someone who could help me.

    The problem can be averted in the future if you get control of your email address...something you don't have unless you own your own domain name. Sounds like you need to do this ASAP and send emails to all your contacts, memberships and subscriptions notifying them of the change...and that the old address doesn't work at all. You can't stop someone from sending an email to the old address, as you know.

    I suggest, once you've secured your own domain name (if you don't already have that), that you get a "hosted Exchange" account somewhere.

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