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    Download here!

    Finally you can choose different lock themes for your iPhone!

    This app helps you create a specialized unlock screens that increases security. When someone messes with your phone they will think that it is locked and only you will be able to know how to unlock it as easily as it ever was.

    Keep your personal data private and secure!

    Over Twenty Types of Lock / Unlock Themes including:

    - Android-like "connect-the-dots" security
    - Voice Recognition
    - Fingerprint Scan
    - Traditional "Drag to Unlock"
    - Alpha-Numeric Password Protection
    - Bank Safe Lock Wheel
    - Digital Safe keypad.
    - Simple Tap unlock
    … And more! …

    To "Lockify" Your Phone:

    1. Choose a built-in lock screen image, take a photo, or choose from your photo library as the background.
    2. Toggle the lock mode selection and select one lock screen wallpaper.
    3. Save the combined theme to your library.
    4. Set the saved theme as your lock screen wallpaper.

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    Judging from the iTunes store reviews, it does not actually bypass the homescreen. It is rather a static image of the lockscreen that you simply set as your lockscreen background. I think I remember hearing about this app on these forums a few days ago, people we're pretty angry about getting tricked. I personally think that if a user doesn't take the time to read the reviews that clearly warn against scamming apps, then they deserve to loose their precious 99 cents.
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    If I wanted my iPhone to be a HTC, I would've purchased a HTC.
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    I have a better idea... Open this page on your iPhone, zoom in on the image you like, get a screen capture, and go get a milkshake with the dollar you saved.
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    I want to know where you're getting a milkshake for a dollar. :)

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