locking case and locking system for MBP?


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Jun 18, 2005
I just got a 15in MBP today and I am wondering what is a good slim case that also locks. Additionally I am wondering what is a good locking system that I can use to protect my computer so it wont be stolen seeing as I am going to be in dorms.


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Jun 16, 2006
Hmmm... never heard of a lockable case. Although, there IS a good lock from Kensington. I bought one a little bit ago for my Dell and plan to use it on my 17" MBP, arriving Tuesday. Here's the link (from the Apple Store) for that lock:


copy and paste it in your Safari.

Also, there are alarms for laptops in case of thievery, but from the Dell site (it will work with any portable) These are what I recommend, because not only does it lock the MBP, it also sets off an alarm to let you know someone is attempting to steal your laptop. Downside is that if you try to get it off without doing the combination (attemption of severe damage to the lock), it will trigger. The lock is similar to a bicycle lock, it uses 4 digits. Made of stainless steel; here is the link:


Anything for a fellow Mac,