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Feb 6, 2012
Hey guys, our daughter uses an iPad as a talker to help her say words she can't on her own. Her teacher would like an iPad to play around with the apps on. I'd like to send in one of our old iPads, but it looks like the account info is all available to anyone who knows the iPad password. Also there doens't seem to be a way to disable the Find My App, so the teacher (or whoever else had access to the iPad) could easily track all of our devices. I'm not so much worried about the teacher, but if it were to ever get lost, I don't want all that info floating around.

Is there any way to restrict access to the iPad so that the user can use apps, but not get into your iCloud account info or use the Find My app? I thought I read somewhere that there's a way to set a different password for the account info than for the device itself, but now I can't seem to find that by searching for any keyword combo that I can think up at the moment.

Parental Controls don't seem to have a setting for blocking your Apple ID info or the Find My App. Guided Access is an option, but that only seems to work by locking the iPad to one app. I'd like for the teacher to have access to two different apps if possible. Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.


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Mar 2, 2023
If Guided Access is unable to meet your requirements, then the only viable solution may be to reset the iPad and allow the teacher to use their own Apple ID.
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Oct 24, 2003
Concord, NH
This is one of the worst things about the iPad. I remember reading on here years ago about a small child was playing with the families iPad and accidently mailed a bunch of unclothed pics of themselves to dads boss.
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