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    Sep 15, 2011

    I am cocoCai, and we're pleased to announce the launch of Lock Photos: protect photos hidden from other eyes.

    Lock Photos: protect photos hidden from other eyes
    # Price: $0.99
    # Category: Photo & Video
    # Updated: Feb 03, 2012
    # Version: 1.4
    # Size:2.8 MB
    # Language: English , Chinese
    # iTunes link: Purchase and Download

    Free Version Link:App Store - Lock Photos Free: protect photos hidden from other eyes

    No one likes someone else being able to accidentally or intentionally view your private photos, so Lock Photos appeared.

    The most convenient and most powerful photo privacy procedures, give you a series function, such as encrypt, camouflage, photo lossless storage and so on.

    ➤ Features:

    Smart Lock technology: if you forget to turn off the software, it auto-lock your privacy
    Camouflage model upgrade to dual-user mode (perfect camouflage), different password can lock different content, you do not afraid to tell password to other people
    • Do not change photo format or resolution (Perfect lossless storage)
    • Add own label with every photo
    • Import photos from your iPhone / itouch
    Batch operation for import, save, export, move, copy, delete photos
    • Photos taken from the camera are stored into the app only, not into the iPhone/itouch's library
    • Export photos to your iPhone / itouch default album
    • Create custom albums for your photos
    • Photo slideshow Play
    Multi-touch gestures: zoom and swipe photo
    Easy to use interface and operation, superior user experience
    • Full Retina display support, compatibility with ios5.0
    • permanently for free updates
    Quick response to user feedback (feedback via e-mail settings)
    • easy to understand with user guide

    Please visit our product page on iTunes for more information. Thanks!

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    Sep 15, 2011
    hello, everyone,

    Lock Photos V1.5 will update, We add iCloud feature, improve 'Add Photo' Operation, and so on.
    I will appear next week:)

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