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    I have a MBP and recently i switched a preference to empty trash securely. So last night while i had left computer on and was away from it for a bit...while the screen saver was on, i started to hear the fans speed up a lot. when i went to look, it seemed time machine was stuck im mid-backing up and i saw the trash trying to empty items but that seemed stuck as well. I went to istat and saw that a process "locum" was using about 95-97%. I was unable to quit either the time machine back up or the emptying of the trash...but i was able to eventually shut down and restart. the restarting, however took a bit longer than normal. when it was all back up and running, i decided to run the usually mantenance via cocktail (weekly scripts, repair permissions...etc) and it seems better...but seeing as how i have had this MBP for over a year and this is the 1st time something like this has happend, i was a little concerned, reading about locum, i have seen it tied in with emptying the trash securely, so i have decided to uncheck that feature for now...but is this anything to worry about?
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    Thank you! I was wondering what the heck Locum did. Now I know.
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