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    Log Book Buddy is the perfect companion to your learner logbook. Designed with a user friendly interface, it makes the task of logging all your driving hours quick, simple and hassle-free!

    Quickly and easily fill out all the necessary information for your logbook... anywhere, anytime, in just a few seconds!


    • Each time you enter a rego, supervisor or location, it's automatically saved in a menu so you never have to enter the same information twice! Just tap, and select!

    • Each new log entry automatically fills out your date, start time, rego and supervisor. All entries are on one easy to view screen, so writing them into your official logbook is a breeze. Simply swipe to delete an entry, or just keep it as a backup. Your total driving minutes for each entry are calculated automatically.

    • Switch between separate logs for multiple learner drivers.





    Designed for Australia, may be relevant in other countries with similar learner driver systems.

    Download the app today: [app]Log Book Buddy[/app]. Like us on FaceBook.

    Any feedback will be appreciated. Please note however that it is designed for the Australian learner driver system.

    Check the Log Book Buddy thread in the code sharing forum for a free code: link

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