Logi Create (non-keyboard) AnyAngle Folio for iPad Pro Impressions

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    TL;DR for those interested at the bottom.

    I have been a huge fan of the Apple Smart Cover for a long time, but I admired the surface's hinge system for adjusting to virtually to any angle. So when I saw that logi(tech) just released a folio style case for iPad pro, I knew that I had to try it. So, while picking up my apple pencil from Best Buy today, I bought one to try out.

    My biggest worry with folio style cases is added bulk and weight. I really am in love with tha fact that I can disconnect the Smart Cover any time I want, which is preferable anytime I am reading or surfing the web. Unfortunately with this case, removing it and reattaching it is not very easy at all to the point where I really wouldn't do it as often. The bulk added is pretty significant, but it is usable. The weight is less of a problem, but even there it contributes pretty significantly. It does however make the iPad feel pretty well protected. There is even a slight gap between the case and the he corners which should help with drop protection.

    One issue that I don't like about this case at all is that it does not sit flush with t he volume buttons and the lock button. There is a pretty noticeable gap and very badly reduces the tactile feedback of the keys.

    The best part of the case may very well be its redeeming factor: the hinge. The ergonomics of using the iPad pro are significantly improved in all areas except one. The hinge is very fluid and is relatively strong against rocking. With my other iPads I wouldn't have considered a case like this but with the on screen keyboard being as good as it is and media viewing being spectacular it's nice to easily adjust. Still thought that wouldn't normally be enough, but the big selling point along those is for use with the Apple pencil. Being able to constantly adjust the screen angle on the whim to ergonomically use the pencil, watch a movie, type with the onscreen keyboard or to read is awesome. Top marks to this case so far for that. So far in using the pencil even for just a little bit, then switching to typing, and watching The Man In The High Castle has been a massive improvement over using the apple smart cover. Another improvement over the Apple Smart Cover is the base of the folio makes it very sturdy and comfortable to use in your lap which is something I have had issues with on the Smart Cover.

    There is one major flaw I have with this case. Because of the bulk and how the case folds back, it is almost unusable in portrait mode. I happen to use portrait a lot for when I'm web browsing and reading, which I do a lot. It's bothersome enough right now that I may consider returning it and just sticking with the Smart Cover.

    This case definitely aids in productivity and ergonomics a lot; it protects the iPad very well. The magnet on the cover is durable, but is terrible at holding the apple pencil on so don't try. I may keep this case for when I hit the road and want some durability or if I know I will be very productive on my iPad for the day, otherwise, the Smart Cover feels like a better fit. I will say the case is not that bad an investment for $79, but that price is still pretty high.


    - HInge is awesome and is a massive ergonomic improvement over the apple Smart Cover.
    - Very fluid hinge makes switching workflow easy and is a dream with the pencil
    - The added bulk is pretty significant and there is some added weight.
    -It does feel well protected however
    - Buttons are not flush and are very mushy
    - unusable in portrait (well almost)
    - cover magnet is strong but will not hold the pencil to save its life.
    - will I keep it or just go back to the Smart Cover? I don't know yet, I'll let you know.

    I'll post more thoughts as I use the case more. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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    I just bought this case and I have to disagree. The case in portrait mode is fantastic (imo). The think I hated about the smart case and other cases is that using it in portrait mode seemed cumbersome. It's almost like they were made for landscape. This case, with the ridge on the right edge, fits the bill perfectly. Makes it much easier to hold on to.

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