Logic board dead after power removal

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by mark-oneiron, Apr 23, 2009.

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    Apr 23, 2009
    just thought i would post this here,
    since apple discussions are censoring most of what i post there.
    MacBook Pro 2.33 17"
    the event:
    computer will not wake up from sleep (yes, common problem for a long time).
    I remove the power plug and then the battery to shut it down, in order to restart.
    (have done this before quite often).
    This time it dies.
    apple service in bangkok (i am traveling), say the power section on the logic board is dead, i need a new logic board, 43,000 baht (AUD 1700 approx.)
    well that is simply uneconomic, its only a year and half old but thats about all its worth secondhand. I might as well look for a secondhand one that works properly.
    here's the rest.................................................................
    yes, the problem is on the logic board.
    the external power supply is fine.
    6 months out of warranty, no apple care.
    why am i so angry?
    because such a failure SHOULD NOT be possible.
    electronically speaking, removing power from components and devices should not destroy them.
    the bangkok service centre say its the power section on the logic board,
    but i think they are guessing (but maybe right),
    all they do is replace the logic board to see if it fixes the problem,
    if it does fix the problem they say you need a new logic board.
    i am pretty sure they don't do any actual circuit analysis.
    a new logic board is 42,000 baht (AUD 1680 approx.), about what the computer is worth on the second hand market, so economics says throw it away.
    why am i so angry (2)?
    if you bought 3 models of a top shelf product (rolls royce apple like to think they are) and EVERY one of them had MAJOR manufacturing faults, what would you do?
    Sue them?, expect apology and replacement? expect some interest from the manufacturer?
    history, my last 3 apple laptops:
    1. This machine. Keyboard failed (replaced under warranty)
    Optical drive will not eject a disk (all "fixes" don't work).
    Logic board dead.
    2. powerbook G4. Replaced screen, replaced logic board, replaced optical drive.
    3. iBook 500. eventually replaced screen under recall program, for a very long time apple denied the problem for my serial number, only pressure and maybe fear of litigation forced them to acknowledge what was bleeding obvious to all angry owners.
    could you have any faith in apple products after this sequence?
    What is appalling is that these are all BASIC fundamental parts that they can't get right.
    look at the list.
    Logic board.
    Optical drive.
    the fundamental parts of a computer, and they can't make them reliable.
    What is more disgusting is the way apple take no responsibility for maunfacturing faults unless its obviously undeniable,like a steering failure on a car and killing people.

    i have bought many apple computers over the last 14 odd years.
    my first was a mac IIvx with 100MB hard drive and 4 MB RAM.
    if there was a viable alternative for me i change brands immediately.
    IMHO i think , in their drive to make really sexy cutting edge, groovy, cool wanky products for jerk customers who want to look cool, apple have lost sight of the basics.
    Quality in manufacturing is OBVIOUSLY extremely POOR,
    my evidence is above.
    the last reliable apple laptop i had was powerbook G3 400,
    it ran for years without a problem,
    since then there has been constant faults in basic components.

    as a customer, apple should love me and send me xmas presents since i have spent so much money on their computers over the years.
    in reality they ignore and deny.
    i hear on the news today they have made a profit this year,
    from stupid pods and phones i guess when all i want is a computer that works reliably.

    over to you apple,
    i am waiting.........................................................
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    May 14, 2007
    Waterloo, ON
    electronics don't come with guarantees. thats why its better to be safe than sorry and just purchase applecare. it would have only been 1/3 of the cost you're now paying for a new logic board. purchasing it just before the end of the manufacturer's warranty would have netted you 4 years of worry-free computing.

    btw this post was really difficult to read.

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