Logic Board? How can I tell if I need a new one?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Dockmasterlynn, Nov 28, 2013.

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    HELLO, I was given a macbook pro 13" early 2011 that was sadly thrown down cement steps. It turned on, fan ran. clicking hard drive and no screen turned on. I hooked it to a external monitor I put in a new hd that I had down loaded mountain lion, and it is running sweet. I can get on internet so it is functioning.

    The keyboard and tract pad are not working so I have a blue tooth keyboard or a usb keyboard that I use. and the screen which is in excellent cosmetic condition is not working. The Optical drive is not working it was damaged in fall.

    I was going to replace the tract pad, and the keyboard and get a screen assembly. It needs a battery because It needs to be plugged in to run unless this is a logic board problem.

    How would I find out if I need a logic board?

    Any help I would surely appreciate

    Thank you

    Lynn Heiser

    macbook pro 17"
    ipad air
    iphone 5
  2. brand, Nov 28, 2013
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    Run Apple Hardware Diagnostics or take it to the Genius Bar.
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    It's hard to tell if your logic board is working fine as you'll need to observe its operational functions for a certain period of time. Since many of your parts are not working, best to take it to an Apple service center for diagnostics.
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    Replacing the keyboard won't be easy. It will be easier but far more expensive to replace the top case altogether.

    Since so many of the components are not working, you might want to consider a project:

    ditch the battery, keyboard, trackpad, optical drive and screen. Remove the logic board and as many of the components you can salvage (speakers, WiFi card and antenna, sleep indicator LED, etc.) and convert it into a Mac Mini.

    You can build a wooden case and use thick Aluminium foil for electrostatic shielding. You will, however, have to solder cables onto the logic board for the power button jumper.

    I did that project with my 2009 MacBook White after the keyboard died on a Coke overdose. The only components I kept were the logic board, HDD and WiFi card.

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    Heck, just remove the screen and connect it to a monitor and use the Bluetooth keyboard. Easier but not as good looking :)

    Hope apple diagnostics says its not the logic boar but I think you might have broken a few connectors...

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