Logic Board is broken!

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by sup3r1or, Sep 1, 2010.

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    Dear Forumers,

    Some of you probably will remember my post a week ago, saying that my MBP DVD drive killed my OSX Installation DVD.

    So here is the conclusion of it, I took it authorised service center here in North Thailand. Waited for a week they sad they will change DVD drive and today it finally arrived. Around 11am they called me and said dude, we changed the drive the problem is still there cant install system. Your "Logic Board' is screwed, you have to wait at least 1 week for a new one.

    Now what is logic board? Is that main board? Is it possible for computer to still work with a broken mainboard? I mean I didnt damage it, I had kernell panic and tried to re-install OSX so how could that killed my MPB? I still could boot into disk utility and format the drive was just unable to copy files.

    To be honest my MBP is 3 months old, i took a good care of it. And I'm very very very dissapointed in apple computers now, expensive and damn un-reliable.
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    If the computer boots fine but just cannot install the OS X, it sounds like it's the HD what is broken. If it was the logic board, you wouldn't be able to boot at all. HDs go and die, that's not abnormal. It's not Apple's fault, it could have happened with any brand
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    Wrong forum if this is for the MacBook Pro, but yes your logic board could still function partially and need to be replaced. It could have a bad controller on it which is preventing the drives from working. Unfortunately they can't just replace the controller because it's integrated on the logic board.

    It's rare that the logic board has this "partial failure" though and not a full failure which would prevent boot up. It could be a mistake and the HD is dead, but I just don't know that without testing it myself.
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    Jun 24, 2010
    Manchester, UK
    I agree with you guys, Im pretty good at computer hardware myself so I know what to look for when it is broken.

    A day later he called and said sorry it is actually your HDD that is broken. Apparently there are just retards working in that place. First they thought it was DVD drive, so they replaced it, a week later they told me its Logic Board, and yesterday they said it is HDD. How could it took them over a week to determine the problem? I mean they should have diagnostic tools or something, worst part is every component they have to order from Singapore, they have nothing in their shop.

    When I gave them my MBP for a fix they said they asked me what do you think is wrong with it, I said either DVD drive or HDD.

    Btw why apple uses Hitachi drives? I never heard any good comments about them, I know Seagate is quite reliable or at least WD, at least they never broke on me.

    They also have problems with their DVD drives (first it doesnt want to write DVD + R discs, only -R) second it refuses to burn sometimes cheap Prince discs.

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