Logic board-refusal to repair without charge

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Ursulajq, Jan 14, 2012.

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    Hi, I really need help and advice. My two year MacBook Pro has the following problems: faint or invisible colors in the light blue/green range; trac board won't click; power on won't work; and a visible ghost of a round circle in the display screen. The first problem happened from the time I got it, but because of vision problems I let it go. The second happened three months ago. The third happened last week, and the fourth happened soon after I bought it.
    I brought it to an Apple store; received reply that repair on hold due to main logic board problem caused by water damage. They didn't say if one or all of the problems were caused by it, but they want me to give them $ 755 to fix it (don't know what all it covers). Too late to talk to them now, but I don't understand. I could get another computer for a little more than that, but I don't have the money. Could these four problems happen at different times due to the main logic board? Since apparently Apple Care doesn't cover it should I take it somewhere other than Apple for repair? Any ideas would be ever so greatly accepted.
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    I guess it's really just the depends on who you get that day. About two years ago, I had the black macbook and it was giving me a lot of problems. I explained this to genius. He noticed that I took in on my very last day of my AC. He said he'll replace the logic board, optidrive, bottom top case. So happy.

    So, it's not impossible, it just depends on how lucky you are and which genius you get.
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    water damage voids your AppleCare ... good luck
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    Do you know if any significant amount of water or other liquid has made contact with the laptop? There have been cases of the sensors being tripped by humidity in the past. I would at least ask them for details on the situation beyond what you've been told.

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