Logic board replaced...but noticed isn't new...

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ChrisRedfield, May 31, 2011.

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    Guys I've had my macbook logic board "supposedly" replaced as the genius said for a failure.
    At the end of last week I received the machine after two weeks of waiting and I noticed that the board isn't new...there were scratches of use on the right side usb and firewire ports and small bits of dust in them, revealing use.
    All the boards that the technicians replace are new? I am thinking of having received a refurbished one...but how about the dust and scratches...aren't they cleaned at least before being supplied?. Besides that, the problem I've had with video is no more (fingers crossed) but I'm paranoid about if the "real" logic board replacement happened or it was just repaired and the issue will happen again. Anyone could shed a light on this? any experienced technician in the house?.
    Thanks in advance!
    EDIT: I've mentioned right side USB and Firewire ports because in the images of the logic boards that I've seen these ports are built-in.
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    Nobody ever promised you that the part you got as a replacement would be new. They promised it would be working. Use the computer.


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