Logic Express 8 - Creating a Noise Sweep (A Build Up, Shwoosh, etc.)

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    Feb 4, 2009

    I am new to Logic and have read through many tutorials which enabled me to create a trance/house song. It, however, is missing something crucial - a noise sweep or build-up or shwoosh sound, etc. I need that "airplane take off" sound that builds up before the bass hits.

    I have searched google and have been successful in finding posts that help other users, but not me.

    I need a step by step breakdown of how to do this...meaning like a 10 step list of exactly what to do (every step of the way).

    Please take a few minutes to help me out or point me in the right direction of where to look online (free tutorials, etc.)

    Thanks so much for your help. :D
  2. zoomx3 macrumors newbie

    Aug 20, 2009
    Making swooshy sweep thing

    ok heres what you do in "10 steps"

    1.open up your ES1 synthesiser, ignore the first oscillator in the top left but look at the one below it. you need to set that one the most scribbleyest looking wave the one between EXT and OFF. Then look at your mix slider make sure that the slider is all the way to the bottom (Sub)

    2.Now you want to concentrate on the filter area (top middle) you want your cutoff to be about 3/4 of the way open thats all you really need to worry about there but you can mess around with drive resonance and filter type untill your happy

    3. concentrate on the area labelled low frequency oscillator on the wave selector, select the one between EXT and the sawtooth you know the one that looks like a piramyd now look at the rate selector turn the pointer left untill it says 4 bars in the little box (you can change this depending on how long you want your sweep to go on for.)

    4.now look at the slider next to the rate selector and slide the pointer all the way up to full now look at the list of things next to that slider select cutoff by clicking on the circle next to it (the circle to the left of the word cutoff not right) now look at the next slider the one labelled int via vel make sure that the pointer is down at 0.

    5. now look at the A D S R section (bottom rightish) theres know right way of doing this you just have to mess around with the sliders untill you find what works for you but i like to keep the Attack at 0 Decay in the middle
    Sustain just over middle and Release at about middle.

    6.now you should have that sweeping kind of sound working nicley try adding some reverb for a bigger sounding sweep and also try out different eq levels depending on how suttle or not you want your sweep to be thats just a few ideas try out different plugins and see what works

    7.recording your sweep - you will find the problem with recording your sweep straight into the arrangement is that it probably wont start at the point you want it to start. the way to get around this is to record your sweep into an audio track so that you have got the wave form of your sweep. then you can move it around your arrangment wherever you like and it will allways start where you want it to.

    8.to do this create a new audio track look on the left hand side at the "channel strip section" look for the the box that says input 1 click and hold down on that box, you will see it will come up with two options input and bus put your mouse over the one that says bus there will now be a list of busses for you to choose from select bus 1.

    9. now click on your ES1 track, again look towards the chanel strip section but this time look for the box that says out 1-2 click and hold and again select bus 1. basicaly what we have done is sent the sound from the ES1 to the audio track via bus 1

    10. record enable both of the tracks by clicking the small box with the word R in. now with your ES1 selected record a whole sweep. after you have done that you should have an audio file of your sweep edit it down to size so that you have one whole sweep. now you can move it around where ever you like in your arrangement.

    So yeah that should work you may also want to look at side chain compression wich is an effect used on alot of these sweeps in techno music. there are plenty of tutorials out there explaing how to do it. hope this did it for ya

    all the best
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    Feb 4, 2009
    Just noticed your reply. I'll try this tomorrow. Thanks soooo much for taking out the time to help...

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