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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Ibanez Strummer, Oct 20, 2007.

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    Mar 5, 2007

    I am about to buy logic express through my university as I have been looking to make the step up from garageband and with the release of logic coupled with a large educational discount, I want to jump in there! However, I realise there is a steep learning curve and have been unable to find any good tutorials in the UK. Peachpit seem to have released their new one for logic express 8 in America but even then with a long wait. I can't even find a mention of it here!

    So anyway, to actually start asking questions. Who has recently made the jump up from garageband to logic express 8? How did you find the learning curve, do you use any resources to help with this or is the basic apple handbook helpful? Also, as a side note, I just want to double check my M-Audio Fast Track will work with this? Any other comments along similar lines that you think will help please throw them in!
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    Hi Ibanez,

    when I started learning Logic Express 7, I asked the same question and was pointed to macprovideo.com. I purchased their entry-level tutorial, made by Martin Sitter, and absolutely loved it. They have a version for Logic 8:


    This should give you a great overview, and for the most part will be applicable to Logic and Logic Express alike.

    I just recently upgraded to Logic Studio, and purchased the entire Logig training suite from macprovideo - I liked them that much. Not everybody learns and trains best the same way - some prefer books, others learn best in a classroom - but for me, these videos are invaluable!

    - Martin
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    the above comments are true. Those video tutorials are great. Since you are going from Gband to Logic, maybe just start with the basic info that comes with the program, it's pretty good too.

    Then when you want to get more in depth grab one of the video's. I personally didn't find the learning curve too steep. Logic has always made more sense to me than all the other programs like DP and PT and Cubase....The only program i like better is Ableton..

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