Logic Express 9 Not sending MIDI data to External MIDI devices

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  1. newtomacos macrumors newbie

    Mar 13, 2010
    I just recently purchased Logic Express 9. I am having difficulty getting the application to play my external MIDI gear.

    I selected the appropriate track type (external MIDI), then selected from the library a MIDI device and channel. Logic sees the MIDI devices that I configured through Apple's "“Audio/MIDI interface” app".

    This is my setup…

    Logic Express is installed on an iMac with 4GB Memory running the latest version of MAC OS 10.x Snow Leopard.

    I’m using a Motu Fastlane 2x2 MIDI Interface with Motu’s latest driver installed.

    Connected to the Port A input of the Fastlane is a Yamaha P-80 that I am using as a MIDI controller and whose sounds I also want to use. Connected to the two output MIDI ports of the Fastlane are the Yamaha P-80 and a Roland JD990 MIDI synth module. In are correctly routed to outs and vice versa.

    The Fastlane is recognized by the MAC computer. Also Logic Express sees the instruments I configured within the Apple’s “Audio/MIDI interface” app.

    I am able to use the P-80 keyboard to record MIDI data to Logic Express for either an internal instrument track or an external MIDI track. The soft synths in the internal tracks play with no problem. For an External MIDI track, I see the data in the Piano roll view. When I play the track, no sound comes out but I see the output MIDI data indicated at the bottom of the arrangement window. Also my external MIDI gear’s audio outs are patched into an audio mixer connected to powered monitor speakers. So I would definitely hear the devices if they were receiving MIDI information. The MIDI indicator lights on the external devices are not flashing when Logic is playing back the data.

    So obviously I have an output communication issue. Either something is not set properly within the Logic software or the “Audio/MIDI interface” app.

    When I open up the “Audio/MIDI interface” app and click on test. I am able to here the tone when I press the keyboard which indicates the Motu Interface is receiving data from the keyboard. However, when I click on the port’s output arrow that is supposed to send a tone to the MIDI instruments, I hear nothing which is consistent with what is happening within Logic.

    I know the Motu Fastlane works because I used it for a long time in a Windows based system. I have checked each wire and they check out as well. I have checked and double checked each connection and they are set properly. At this point, I am not sure what to do to correct this problem.
  2. nzSkitzo macrumors newbie

    May 17, 2010
    Hey did you ever find a fix for this issue?

    I am having the same sort of problem getting a midi device (drum machine) to work in Logic 8 (Studio). I can record midi in off the external midi device and it plays sound as i play it.

    It can also control soft synths fine so midi in is no problem. But when playing midi from the pc it shows midi playing out correctly but the external midi device doesnt make a sound. The channel is setup correctly and the correct notes are being played so I am also confused = /



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