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    Logic & Logic Pro have both been updated to v 7.1.1-according Logicprohelp.com.
    What's new:

    Changing the sample rate in Logic when using the built-in audio of a Mac mini now works as expected.

    Trying to open a file that you do not have permission to access no longer causes Logic to quit unexpectedly.

    Importing protected (read-only) MIDI files now works as expected.

    Logic no longer displays the superfluous MIDI Port Change alerts when the number of MIDI ports changes.

    Tiger Compatibility

    The import of AAC and MP3 files now works as expected.

    AAF export now works as expected.

    Restores function of key commands that make use of a modifier when using a Scandinavian keyboard layout.

    The TDM DSP Usage window is now also available in Tiger.


    Improves import of OMF2 files.

    No longer limits import of XML files to 25 minutes.


    Unlocking SMPTE-locked events in the Event Editor now always works for all selected events.

    When using Soundtrack Pro as external sample editor:
    The waveform overviews shown in the Logic Arrange window now reflect all changes made in Soundtrack Pro.

    Opening and editing SDII files in Soundtrack Pro now works as expected.

    Pressing Shift-Option-Control and rubber banding an automation track creates two automation nodes on each side of the rubber band area. Dragging the selected area up or down now creates two additional automation nodes – each with new values.

    Automating two state controls now works correctly: pressing the two state control now inserts two automation nodes. The first contains the old value, and is inserted just before the SPL. The second contains the new value and is inserted just after the SPL.

    Using the Logic Control to record enable a track, or to switch to a record enabled track that contains an inserted plug-in no longer causes Logic to quit unexpectedly.

    Use of the Mute key command on a note in the Score Editor (when the Content Link function is active for both the Score Editor and Arrange windows) no longer mutes the Region that contains the note.

    The Remove EQs and Remove Sends function now works as expected in the Audio Configuration window.

    Canceling the Convert To New Audio File dialog no longer creates a Region and replaces the selected Region in the Arrange window.

    If you create a Folder that contains a single Audio Region, you can effectively use the File > Export > Region As Audio File function, even if the Audio Region is not selected.

    Burning a CD from the Bounce dialog in Logic could create a CD of static noise, when one of the POW-r Dither options for PCM was activated – even if no PCM file was actually bounced (the PCM destination checkbox was not active).

    The Mute buttons of MIDI channel strips are now correctly displayed.

    Using the QuickTime 7 algorithms to time stretch mono audio files no longer causes Logic to quit unexpectedly.

    Global Tracks

    Following the entry of a tempo change ramp in the global Tempo track, you can now edit tempo values in the Tempo List by double clicking on the BPM section.

    The Beat Mapping track now displays 3/4 time signatures correctly.

    Apple Loops

    Apple Loops with odd time signatures are now played back at the correct speed.


    Protected Macro Objects can now be permanently protected.


    QuickTime movies are now delay compensated, ensuring accurate synchronization with the audio engine.

    In some extremely rare cases, Logic did not automatically find the movie when loading a song. Screensets that included the Movie window could also be displayed incorrectly. The 7.1.1 Update addresses these issues.


    Bouncing now works as expected when the WAVE option is selected in the Recording File Type menu of the Logic > Audio > General preferences.

    The TDM DSP Usage window is now also available in Tiger.

    General Plug-In Issues

    Logic now also searches the following folder for plug-in settings: /Library/Application Support/GarageBand/Instrument Library/Plug-In Settings folder. This resolves an issue that prevented the Bass Amp plug-in settings from being shown in the Settings menu.

    The Automation pull-down menu in the track list now shows all Ultrabeat and Sculpture parameters.

    Restores function of the EVB3 with the Native Instruments B4D draw bar controller.


    Swapping drum voices by dragging a voice to another voice’s position no longer copies the sequences of the source.

    Loading an Ultrabeat setting while playing a drum voice in Multi Trigger mode no longer quits Ultrabeat unexpectedly.

    It is now possible to preview UBS files in the Sample Load window by pressing the Play button.

    You can now save the samples of a drum kit on an external drive without having to manually search for the samples after ejecting and reconnecting the drive.

    Saving a song as a project that contains an Ultrabeat kit that makes use of the same sample for different voices rather than saving the sample separately for each drum voice.

    Voices played in Multi Trigger mode are no longer cut off.


    The EXS24 mkII can now handle more than 32,767 sampler instruments.

    Match EQ

    Analyzing files shorter than 100 ms no longer creates empty spectrums.
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