Logic Pro 7 won't install, Mac Pro 1.1

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by RobinDG, Aug 31, 2014.

  1. RobinDG, Aug 31, 2014
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    Aug 31, 2014
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    My trusty G5 died, so I bought a Mac Pro 1.1, 2 x Dual Core Xeon 2.66 Processors, 16gb Ram, OS 10.7.5 Lion. But when I tried to install my copy of Logic Pro 7, the computer informed me that this version of Logic was no longer supported, quote, "Cannot open the application Logic Studio.mpkg because power PC applications are no longer supported" I guess because the version is too old. I only want to use the Mac Pro for recording so it's no good if it won't install Logic Pro. Is there a work-around to get Logic Pro 7 to install, if not, what version of Logic Pro will work with Lion? Or shall I sell the thing and start again with something else? Help and advice please. Having had a little time to think about this, would it be sensible to take out the HDD from the G5, put it in one of the spare bays in the Mac pro and copy the applications I want over with Migration Assistant? Is that feasible? I noticed from another thread that it was the installer that was no longer supported, I quote, "installer program will not run because it needs Rosetta, and Apple dropped support for that with Lion." Some advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, RobinDG
    PS. I took my own advice and plugged in the old hard drives, then tried 'Migration Assistant' (for the 1st time) and it worked like a charm! Logic and other programs installed and worked a treat, some didn't, but I can live without those.
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    You need to install logic pro BEFORE migrating to lion. I experienced so many issues with the installation of logic pro 8 on lion, I had to go back to Snow Leopard for the installation. On SL, once it is installed, you should do a full backup of the system, install the latest version of lion than migrate over via. Migration Assistant and it will work.
    That said, you should keep in mind, Logic Pro 7 & 8 are best optimized in Snow Leopard, I would recommend running logic in a snow leopard partition for the best overall performance. It is a little more dicey in lion and mountain lion and doesn't work at all in Mavericks.
    It may not be practical to create a whole other partition for it, but I think you will find it runs more smoothly in a separate partition.

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