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    I'm new at Logic and running it on a 1TB internal HD with 230GB free space I have a 1TB external not in use so what is the best way I could use both? I have a old Mac Pro with 12GB RAM latest Mavericks OS. Also I have a lot of Apple duplicate loops that got loaded when I installed the Extra Content and one last question. How do you load plugin's I have a few of them or are the plugin's that come with Logic plenty for a beginner. I also have a POD HD500X
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    Generally you want to run Logic on the start up drive and your sessions on an external, and then back up the revised session to another drive regularly and Time Machine the internal regularly also. And then have everything backed up somewhere else as well : ) (I usually drag a copy of a session in progress back over to a folder on the internal, as there's so much space there, but I keep running it off an external.) You'll find you can run a pretty large session all off the internal, but as far as the "best" way that would be to have them on their own drives.

    Loops are fine on either, but the "best" way would be to have them on a third solid state drive, but you should cross that bridge when you get to it. One way to clear out the duplicates is to simply move all the loop folders to the desktop and move back the ones you're keeping. If Logic asks where the loops are point it to the right place and then it will recognize everything.

    The plugins bundled are great for beginners and more. I would wait until you've gotten a good command of, for example, how to get the most out of the compressor before you spend any money on third party compressors.

    OTOH, since it will use any AU (Audio Unit) plugin, there are many free and very cheap ones available. Again, I would spend the time with the bundled ones before getting too distracted by that : ) But if you go to http://www.kvraudio.com/ you can find these in all categories, and it is kinda fun to pop in every now and then and check out new free AUs.
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    I run Logic Pro X. By default your sessions are in your home folder on your system drive (the "stock" Logic folder).

    I have a Logic folder on a second, internal drive and have a "symbolic link" to it in place of the stock Logic folder on my system drive. So, as far as Logic is concerned, my sessions are where they would be normally.

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