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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by stewy87, Dec 17, 2013.

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    Dec 17, 2013
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    Hello all!

    Iv'e been mixing dub step on vinyl for a while now, and i would like to make the transition to producing music, so apologies for the silly questions that will follow but i am a complete novice!

    I have recently got a copy of Logic pro x installed on my MacBook Pro, mid 2012 (500gb, i5) as the first step in producing music, but i am after some advice on what else i will need. i have trolled through websites talking about synthesisers, midi controllers, mixers, monitors etc, but most of them are referring to using these with fruity loops (some of which i'm not sure if i need them) and honestly the youtube videos seem quite garbled as well!.

    So currently i have logic pro x, i already have monitors from my turntables, using 2 KRK Rokkit 5's, and i do have a mixer, although its quite limited as its only a 2 channel mixer (Numark m2....so I'm very aware that i will need a better one!)

    I have some musical theory knowledge as i play piano and guitar, but electronic theory is limited to knowing BPM and the structure of the music itself so if theres any pointers on where to go to pick up more that would be great!

    Again apologies for so many questions, but I'm really keen to get started as i love this genre of music!

    thanks in advance for any replies!
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    First you have to decide what you want to record. Voice, guitar (acoustic or electric) piano or electric keys. Use the sounds from the keyboard or from vertical instruments. Do you want to play drums on a keyboard or use loops or use Apple's built-in drummer or record a live drummer (midi or acoustic)

    That really is the hardest thing deciding what exactly you are going to do.
    That is the problem there are 1,000 things you can do. I'd start small and build up skills slowly. You are not going to learn all this in a just few weeks.

    You might try something simple at first. Record a solo piano performance via MIDI. Later learn how to add add a second track.

    You mixer is useless. You will not need it. You WILL need an audio interface that has as many inputs are you want to record at once. The mixing is done later, after the recording session.

    You might need microphones and stands to record voice or acoustic instruments. Electric guitars can be directly plugged on but some prefer to mic the cabinets. Keyboards can go in via MIDI or direct. But at first do really simple solo tracks.

    The best thing to do (besides doing a very simple project) is to buy a subscription to macprovideo.com They charge $25 per month and it is well worth it if you use the service. Watch the 100 class then the 101, 102 and so on. They have lots and lots of good material. The first few session are free, then decide if you want to continue.

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