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Apr 12, 2001

Alongside the release of Final Cut Pro X version 10.4 today, Apple has updated its other pro software Logic Pro X, Motion, and Compressor.


Logic Pro X has been updated with optimized performance for the iMac Pro, with support for up to 36 cores with hyperthreading. Version 10.3.3 also includes performance and stability improvements, including a fix for an issue which could cause user-created content to become unavailable on macOS High Sierra.

Motion has been updated with support for 360º VR motion graphics. Users can now import 360° video and design 360° titles, generators, and effects, and later output the 360° video to a connected VR headset. Version 5.4 also supports import, playback, and editing of HEVC video and HEIF photos from Apple devices.

Compressor has also been updated with support for 360º VR delivery and HDR and HEVC video on macOS High Sierra.

Apple's new versions of Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Motion, and Compressor are available from the Updates tab in the Mac App Store.

Article Link: Logic Pro X Optimized for iMac Pro as Motion and Compressor Updated to Support 360º VR Video, HEVC, and More
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Sep 26, 2003
It's nice to see their software efforts keeping up with hardware.

But hey guys, when are we going to get pencil support in Keynote/Pages on the iPad Pro? It's only been 2 years since the iPad Pro release.


Dec 7, 2013
Hey, iWork exists too!

iWork is a failure against Microsoft Office, it's not even against it. For example : Just use the mathematical and scientific functions & symbols, totally unthought. The only thing Apple could think of, is Emojis.
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