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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by NacaValley, Feb 13, 2012.

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    I've been having a login issue for over a year now. I've been searching forums & sites trying to find someone who has had a similar issue or an article that might have a way to fix this problem.

    The Problem:

    When I turn on my Mac from a being in completely shutdown state, I get a list of users that can use my computer. It lists my girlfriends account(admin) & the guest account. My account(admin) is not listed.

    When I log into my girlfriends account & log back out, I get the login screen that has you type in your username & password. This is the only way for me to login to my account on this computer. My account was the first account on this computer & I later added my girlfriends account.

    In the login settings, on both my girlfriends account & my account, the setup is that the login screen is suppose to ask for both the username & password, NOT show a list users, which it does when you first turn on the computer. Also, the guest account has been disabled in the login settings, from both accounts! It should not be showing up in the list of users when the computer is first turned on!

    I've run Diskwarrior, Onyx, & Disk Utility but nothing seems to get fixed. This problem has been with me since 10.7.1, I now use 10.7.3. Not amount of upgrading seems to fix the issue.
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    I think the guest account is more like a safari session not a real login with real access to the filesystem.

    Try creating a third admin account and see if it shows up on the initial screen when you boot. Also failure to present a user id and password prompt rather than a list of users to pick from sounds like something that should be reported to AppleCare. Even if you are out of support, I would think they would help you if you are reporting a bug.
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    I created a new admin account & it was added to the list of users on login screen after a full restart of the system. My account still won't show up. The guest account is still showing, despite being turned off in the account settings. I still have to go through the same process of logging into my girlfriends, or the new account, & then logging out to get to the login screen that allows me to type my username & password to login to my account.

    Edit: I submitted a bug report to Apple. But if anyone else can figure out what might be the issue is or some way that could fix it just let me know. Unless I do a complete reinstall of the system, don't want to do that, then I don't know what else that could be done. I will probably just live it until I get a another machine but that won't be for another couple of years.

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