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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Coolpowers, Nov 12, 2009.

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    Aug 15, 2008
    Hello everyone,

    today I bought my Mac Pro and with it I bought a Wireless Apple Keyboard and a bluetooth Logitech V470 mouse. So far I like everything about it, afterall I had a Mac Pro before so I knew what to expect. Tho it is the first time that I'm using a wireless keyboard and a bluetooth mouse. With my old Mac Pro I was using an MX revolution but wasnt happy with it's scroll button so now i bought this bluetooth mouse that I,m talking about. The keyboard is working wonderfully, I honestly love it and i dont need the number pad a lot so not a big deal for me their absances, tho i was using page up and page down keys and I noticed that tey dont exist on the wireless keyboard but no problem, I can get used.

    The Problem is with my mouse, when I use it, it acts weird, it is sometimes as if i'm playing a video cabe with a bad video card, the mouse is not smooth and acts a bit out of control, hard to be precise with it, it is a bit jumpy, I dont how to really describe. I tried the mouse on other surfaces, it is more or less the same. II tried it on the pc of a friend, and he doesnt have that problem at all. I disconnected my bluetooth keyboard, and it started to work better, so i think that it is because they are interferring each other. do you know of any solution to avoid this problem? may be in a way changing the channels of them? i dont know how to do and hat to do, if you can find me a solution i will be veryy happy, thank you very much,

    Respects, and thanks in advance,

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    Aug 15, 2008

    when I disconnect the keyboard, mouse starts to act better, so I think that the the interference is caused by the keyboard, isnt there a solution to fix it? or i will have to sell my keyboard or mouse? please help me if you can, i will be thankfull,

    by the way I tried this both in leopard and snow leopard and always the same probleò, but the leopard runs much better on my computer even tho I run it from an external harddisk ( i had installed it when I had my other Mac Pro) , in snow leoprd it uses too òuch cpu, and in leopard i have still %91 in iddle, and when i say it uses too much probram it is with simple applications, like secondlife, msn messenger, safari, itunes..etc I didnt try the photoshop yet, may be it is the working way of snow leopard but I doubt it because when I try to open a folder with pictures, it starts to lag on snow leopard with that processor usage but in leopard even on my harddisk, it doesnt lag and feels snappier

    I guess that I will have to buy Leopard again replace my snow leopard with leopard

    thank you all in advance
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    I suggest you post this question here as well. Lots of really good users posting there all the time. I have found it to be a very good resource. Sorry, I don't have any idea as to the answer to your question.

    Rich :cool:
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