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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by BrianKonarsMac, Jan 2, 2008.

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    Apr 28, 2004
    I'm wondering if anyone has a Logitech diNovo Edge or has experience with using one (specifically on a Mac platform, but if you have used one at all I'd appreciate your feedback)? I'm looking to get one as I like the fact it has Bluetooth 2.0 and a recharging cradle and have read good reviews on it. Before I spend ~$150-160 on a keyboard though, I want to know it will function on Mac OS X. Thanks anyone who is able to provide feedback :).

    If you've never used it or if you know it won't work, what would you recommend for a stylish, Bluetooth, rechargeable wireless keyboard?

    edit: Also, before anyone posts the inevitable "holy crap, a $200 keyboard!? that better cook me food and clean my apartment" or w/e, I feel it's worth spending the money on a quality input device that will last me for awhile. I won't need to worry about purchasing batteries, having a rechargeable battery station with batteries or any of that. I'll also get to take advantage of my Bluetooth connection and save a precious USB port.
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    My brother has one and he uses it on his windows pc and it's a sexy bit of kit! Pictures don't do it justice. I didn't try it on my mac but i would assume it would have no problem working. Of course the windows button would become the command button which means that option and command would be swapped around which i would find a bit annoying.

    One of the features that i really like is the integrated track-pad and mouse buttons on the side. When he watches a movie, he just sits back on the couch with the keyboard and has full mouse and keyboard control.

    I have apple's wireless aluminium keyboard, which i love. Stylish and bluetooth. Not rechargable but I bought it when it was first released about 4 months ago and I'm still using the batteries that came with it. I use it constantly and its still at 40% which has surprised me. Plus it matches my MBP and apple cinema display;).

    Just did a quick google search and found a review of the dinovo edge on a mac.


    Apparently with some third party software, you can get all the media buttons working.
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    Apr 28, 2004
    Thank you so much for the prompt and informative response :). One final question - all the reviews I've read have been favorable, except to say the touch sensitivty on the track pad/volume control are not that great. What do you/your brother think of these two features? I really only see myself using the volume control (if only for the fact that I want to justify buying the revolution)...

    Regardless, I am placing my order...thanks again!

    Also, thanks for not pointing out how simple it was for you to find that information...I could have swore I did a "os x logitech dinovo edge" but I guess I didn't...the link you gave me was the first hit lol! :)

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