Logitech Slim quick review (10.5 & 12.9)

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by thomasfxlt58, Jun 17, 2017.

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    Sep 14, 2014
    First the minor gripes...

    1. Both cases slide around easily on hard surfaces when opened in keyboard mode. There's nothing grippy to hold them still. A minor irritant and easily resolved with a slim adhesive bumper pad.
    2. These are not ideal keyboard cases to use when laying down. A clamshell design is better for that. There are a few workarounds. I'd just use it without the keyboard attached in this case. Extend the stand and use just the iPad display keyboard. If you type on your iPad a lot in bed or laying around on the couch, I'm not sure there's an ideal keyboard available right now with the smart connector. If this is a primary need, get a laptop.

    The touch of the keyboard is very good once you've gotten use to the slim key-depression feel. Both cases are the same in that regard. The backlighting is better than the Create but still there's light leak around the keys. The backlite is enabled by the press of any key. The smart connector for iPad keyboards is essential IMO. Bluetooth keyboards need to be charged and have connection issues. The smart connector gives you enhanced function control from the keyboard as well. These are trouble-free, glitch free cases.

    In my opinion, both of these keyboards are complete replacements for MacBookPro keyboards. I can type equally well on either size compared to my 13" MBP. My 2014 MBP suffered a key/keyboard failure and this is a nice safeguard to that for the future. It's a very costly, difficult repair. This can be replaced instantly for less than a 1/3 of the laptop repair cost.

    These cases aren't aesthetically stunning. They're fine though. I'd say form follows function.

    The function of the case is outstanding. IMO it's the most versatile keyboard case I've used that has full function of a laptop keyboard. The 10.5 case has a narrow surface in front of the keyboard. It's rigid and is a result of the iPad's size. The 12.9 has a wider surface that can be folded under. The 10.5 keyboard seems a bit bulky when folded for it's size. The weight of the iPad and case combined is good however. The 12.9 and case combined weight is proportionately heavier. This is another thing missed by many people when thinking about these cases.... the iPad carries all the weight. This is why the "stand" is important. Clamshells may seem smarter but with an iPad, they become top-heavy and will tip back easily. Apple addresses this with it's "triangle base". Logitech has used a multi-range extendable stand. It's more flexible than the Apple keyboard. The Apple keyboard is equally nice but these cases have more range of use. You also get back protection (but that adds some weight as well).

    Being able to quickly disconnect the smart connector keyboard is a very nice feature of the smart connector. The 10.5 iPad is a much easier device to use as a tablet in your hand.

    All in all, I highly recommend these cases (either size). I'm really torn by which size iPad to keep. That's for another thread.

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