Logitech Solar keyboards, recharge in LED lit room?

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    I have been searching the web but I cannot find a definite answer on this. My room gets some natural lighting but its reflected off of other surfaces and all the lights in my office are LEDs. I was wondering if the Logitech Solar power keyboards (K750, K760) and recharge in these conditions? Has anyone used one in a setting like mine? Help would be greatly appreciated because I am tired of changing the batteries in my wireless keyboard.
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    When I used my solar keyboard my office didn't get a lot of natural light and half the time I would push my keyboard drawer under the desktop when I was away from my desk so it didn't get much natural or overhead room light. But it still maintained a good charge most of the time.

    If the Logitech Solar.app reported the battery as getting low, I would take the keyboard out and set it so the solar panel was right under my LED desk lamp (about 8 inches away) for as long as it took (hour or two) to bring the charge back up to normal range. I only had to do that every couple months and usually only in the winter when it was dark a lot.
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