Logitech's MX Revolution: Keystroke (Customizing) NOT Working on Safari


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Jul 29, 2006
I can't get them to work! Like when I change the default Forward Button to Switch Tabs on Safari (or Firefox or even when I'm on XP Pro/IE) or changing the One-Touch Searh button to bring up Finder.

I've contacted Logitech and didn't have any luck. We both agree that my MX might be defective and they are sending me new one.

Anyone use Logitech's MX Revolution Mice and does the Customized, using Keystroke work? Thanks. :apple:


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Jun 25, 2007
Uninstall the POS software and install SteerMouse instead. It works much more reliably.


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Dec 26, 2006
i feel that to use 100% of the capability of my mx revolution, i have to use steermouse. the rubbish logitech provides is a waste of space and doesnt allow full customisability.

is it possible to make one of the buttons control expose?
Are you kidding, you can make any of the buttons/sliders do whatever you want with steermouse unlike lcc.

If you ever fall into trouble configuring expose (where the desired keystroke throws up expose itself instead of registering as the keystroke) for either mouse apps though, go to keyboard shortcuts, in keyboard and mouse panel in system preferences. Change the desired expose action to another f- key, then set steermouse (or lcc) to f9, for example, then go back to keyboard shortcuts and change the f-whatever back to f9.

i strongly recommend steermouse!

mike dunx

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Oct 15, 2006
Central FL
i agree i think the steermouse software even works better on the mighty mouse.

i'm getting a logitech vx revolution soon though, i'm gonna miss the scroll ball, but that's about it. it's looks much more comfortable than the mighty mouse.