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    I had great hopes for this product. I installed the free app and downloaded the $29.99 Ignition program for my iPad. Although it will take a little to get used to, my computer looks great on my iPad and the controls and response is very fast. HOWEVER, I was under the impression that I could wake my sleeping iMac by setting the Wake on Lan settings. I need to occasionally access my home computer from work and look up records of clients. Now I learn that I can only wake the computer if I have TWO computers on a network and the other one is awake.

    I am very surprised by this. I tried a much cheaper - and in all other respects inferior program (Splashtop) and although it seems around 1/4 as responsive as Logmein, I can wake my only computer with my iPad. Am I supposed to leave my computer on all day when I go to work? If I am doing something wrong, can someone please point me in the right direction. Finally, if I must end up using this APP, and leave my computer on all day, can I set it so that my drive is on, but the screen sleeps?

    Can anyone suggest a better solution? There are so many of these products out there, its hard to figure out which is best.
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    More than what you think


    This is a confusing issue, that I had to go and research myself. Here is what I discovered.

    A computer does not "turn off" when you turn it off. Think about the clock. How does the clock stay in time? That must mean that the power supply is being used at least to keep the clock running, right? Otherwise, if your PC or laptop really did turn off, and you left it off for three hours, then when you turned it on your clock would be three hours slow.

    So, basically, computers do not turn off 100 percent unless you remove the battery or unplug them.

    Now, what you have just disconered is the tip of the ice berg.

    You can wake a computer with wake on lan.

    That is good, but now you want to control your computer.

    For this you will need some sort of remote control, such as logmein, gotomypc, teamviewer, etc. that is compatible for your OS or is cross compatible.

    Another thing I discovered is that doing all of this on your lan network is different from doing all this from outside your lan network.

    Inside your lan network you could conceivably unplug your router and simply do it all through hard wire since your computers are connected at the switch. After all, you are communicating to each other through hard wire.

    Without the router, you will not be able to do this wireless, obviously, because your router is not connected.

    The router is used simply to connect to the outside world, and to use wireless in your lan network, which is why it is important to secure your wireless connection from outside evils.

    So, what you need to consider is this:

    TO connect to your OS from outside your LAN, you will need to:

    Research magic packets

    Research a device or app (you already have logmein ignition) to send those magic packets to your router
    NOTE: Software like logmein have built in magic packets to do this, but you can do this manually so you do not have to put your private information on some website and use it through a browser for the NSA to add to their collection (ROFL).

    Learn how to port forward your router so when the magic packets get to your router, they are properly forwarded to the OS in your LAN to wake it up and remote control it.

    Learn how to shut down your OS and close everything up tight after you are finished.

    This can all be done without using the all-in-one solutions that websites like teamviewer and logmein provide, if you want more privacy and security.

    So, now that you can wake your PC, you need a remote desktop application to be able to operate it.

    I hope this helps, or at least puts some more ideas into your head to research.

    I have spent a couple of days on this and am putting together my own guide on how to do this step by step for my unique setups.

    The advantage to research is that it gets easier and easier to understand things when you go back to those apps and re-read things.

    Other keywords to research:

    Wake up on LAN
    Power on by PME
    Power on by PCIe
    Power on by PCI
    Magic Packets
    Port forwarding (PFConfig is a good website to get started).

    Good luck my friend.

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