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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by haiggy, Oct 28, 2012.

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    hi guys,

    looking for some criticism (good or bad). i created a quick logo for a school project where im to come up with a business logo/name for a company. my "company" is gonna be focused on web design but im not too concerned about the logo portraying that. it was more about making the logo tie into the name. i only have three coloured options so far but the same design.

    i know its simple but im looking for clean.


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    Mostly a matter of personal preference, but I would experiment with some thinner font choices, as well as eliminate the bit of a gradient that I see in there. It's sort of a "Web 2.0" trend that I think has passed. Good logos should be time-proof. Just go with a nice solid shade of green. It'll look both modern and stand the test of time.

    Also, keep in mind that a good logo should convey the same meaning in black and white and color, meaning that changing the color of two portions ("new" and "leaf" in your case) wouldn't be effective in black and white. Work with some different font weights, for example, if you want to set the two words apart.

    It can get different treatments, but the logo should just be the basic shape. Just google image "Apple logo." The Apple logo is just the basic shape, but they can make it look however they want with color, texturing, etc.

    I'm not feeling particularly creative now, so I can't think of too many other specific tips to make it better, but I would just iterate some more. Make some stuff that's completely different from what you've got now and see what you like better.
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    If the companies name is "Newleaf" I'd go with the all green. If the companies name is "New Leaf" I'd go with the grey and green :)
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    Im going to be critical...it looks unfinished. A brand ID is more than just a logo. How does that logo sit on a website. You need Brand equity not just a "logo" go look at people you think do it right and use there rules for you. How does you brand expand to fill a 6 page leaflet or a whole website or even just a simple business card. At the moment there is nothing to criticise because you cant even call it finished.
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    The green/green and grey/green I like too ... As mentioned before by MonkeySee depend on spelling of the company name
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    You didn't say what class this is for. If it's for a business class, for instance, where you're putting together a business plan, it'll do. If it is for a design class, though, and I assume it is, I think it still needs some work. Though, noticing that I'm replying 9 days after your post, perhaps that ability has come and gone. Regardless, here is my critique:

    "Leaf" is repeated. It is written once and then shown visually as well. I'd like to see it with the leaf just conveyed once: new+*mark* or "newleaf" sans *mark*.

    If you want to keep them both, I still don't care for how the leaf is integrated into the F. I think it might look better dangling from an serif F with a nice long curve, like Garamond, or something similar. The F could become the branch the leaf is on.

    For that matter, a leaf is an organic object. I think that a serif would compliment that a lot better than the sans serif you've chosen– it's too industrial, for lack of a better word.

    I'd like to see the tracking tightened. Right now it seems too tight to be purposefully extended, but not tight enough to create a solid word shape. It's kind of lost in the middle.

    Keep at it. You'll get there.
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    I'll keep "NEW" in a gray color and in smaller font while having "leaf" in a larger font size. Perhaps, "NEW" on top of leaf in smaller font

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